Wednesday, May 20, 2009

400 Calorie Meals - Tomato Sandwich and Cole Slaw

I've really been trying to eat healthier and watch my calorie intake. It can be very difficult at times, especially when cooking for the family. I have found, though, that it's mostly a matter of looking for healthier alternatives and portion control, and making sure you have these ingredients on hand at home to put together a healthy meal. There really are a lot of options to choose from out there. For awhile I was really doing well, eating 5 - 400 calories meals a day (every 4 hours). This really did make a big difference and I felt great, but unfortunately I slipped back into a less healthy way of eating. I'm challenging myself to get back to that. Maybe if I post recipe and meal ideas here and see them, it will inspire me to get back on track.

Toasted Tomato Sandwich and Cole Slaw

Bread - (100 calories)
1 tsp mayonaise - (35 calories)
1 tsp honey mustard (or any preferred mustard) - (10 calories)
I large slice tomato - (free food)
thinly sliced onion - (free food)
1 slice American cheese - (100 calories)
1 cup cole slaw - (100 calories)

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a low-calorie bread. It can be a little pricey, but I'm the only one in my family who eats it so I put it in the freezer and just take slices out as needed.
I combine equal parts mayonaise and mustard to make sandwich spread. I like mayonaise on my sandwiches, but mustard is alot lower in calories, so combining them makes more spread and lowers the calories (and it also tastes good).
The tomato and onion have too few calories to even count, and they're good for you.
I listed 100 calories for the cheese. This is for pre-sliced cheese, which comes fairly thick. If you have it sliced thin at the deli, you can reduce the calories even more.
I spread mayo/mustard combination on bread first, then layer tomato , onion and cheese. Place another slice of bread and toast.
Served with cole slaw and bottled water, this is a filling meal with less than 400 calories.

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